No Place for Hate Event – Tuesday, August 22nd @ 6pm

Hull’s No Place for Hate Committee (NPFH) is sponsoring a community-wide forum on How to Respond to Hateful Actions.

Tuesday, August 22 at 6:00 PM at end of Lewis Street at Nantasket Beach for a “symbolic casting of hate” into the ocean; then 7:00 PM at the Senior Center, 197A Samoset Avenue, Hull, MA 02045 for a presentation.

Hull Police will make a presentation on what they consider a hateful action needing their involvement. Then the NPFH committee will offer information from the Southern Poverty Law Foundation and other sources on some responses to hateful actions.

This should be a thought-provoking and a good discussion that will hopefully lead people to examine and flesh-out their own thoughts on the topic and to plan how each of us thinks is the best way to respond if/when we’re exposed to hateful acts or acts of bigotry and prejudice.


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